Lost in Shadow

Backstory of the World

Ten years have passed since the War of the Usurper between Orcus and the Raven Queen. Orcus sent his legions of demons and undead to take over the Raven Queen’s domains. He was almost successful, before a group of heroes intervened and stopped him. With their help, the Raven Queen was able to barely beat back Orcus and his hordes. Just as victory was assured, Vecna appeared and struck out at the Raven Queen. He had been manipulating Orcus and was planning to betray him all along, taking the power for himself. However, Sehanine, hearing the prayers of her most devoted follower Etheah, intervened, taking the blast herself and dying.

Dying at Etheah’s side, she transfered her domains to Etheah, making her the new goddess of the Moon. Vecna immediately fled to his domain, knowing his defeat. Balance had been kept, but the new balance was precarious. Orcus may have been destroyed, but the Raven Queen was gravely injured and retreated to restore her power. Knowing that her realm would need protection, she began recruiting followers to move to the Shadowfell and protect the balance and stability of the Shadowfell.



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