Lost in Shadow

Escape the Abbey

With barely enough time to catch their breath, the party is beset by their next challenge. The Rival Adventurers storm the Temple in an attempt to strike down the party while they’re weak. Lead by Tam, the Rivals fight without mercy, striking down Sir Oakley and pushing the group to their very limits. However, our heroes manage to pull through, avenging Sir Oakley. After killing all but the young mage Lenna, they decide grant her mercy and let her run.

Wolfram attempts to revive Sir Oakley, but with his quest complete and his soul finally at rest, the ritual fails. Lucyan inters his body beneath the temple.

The party, with Analastra Velfarren as their guide, attempt to escape the Abbey through the forest path used previously. However, they find it now well guarded by the Duke’s men who have completely surrounded the grounds. They again disguise Lucyan as an Avatar of Death to scare off the soldiers, but this time the enemies resolution holds, and they stand their ground.

Plan B has the group smash through the enemy lines, trying to break out before they can be surrounded. However, Swain lags behind and is captured by a dozen of the Duke’s men. Adrian flings herself back into the fray to save Swain, battling back through the men she had just escaped. She manages to reach Swain and hurls him clear where Lady Tabitha can reach him, before the enemy can recover and she is captured herself.

The rest of the party makes good on their retreat, heading to Winterhaven to regroup. Now Duke Stendhal holds the vast majority of the deck along with Adrian, and the group must find a way to protect the last few cards while rescuing their friend from the thousands of soldiers under the Duke’s command.



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