Lost in Shadow

Death of Jeremy Walters

Swain remembers seeing that Shadar-kai are the ones who attacked their family, so he convinces Jack to follow him to the Shadowfell. They travel to the Shadowfell to find this group, who they believe are members of a cult to Vecna. They bring with them their Man-at-arms and trainer Jeremy Walters. Upon arriving at the Shadowfell, they head to a temple of the Raven Queen to seek help and a guide. They meet Adrian, who brings them to Lucyan.

They learn that they have lost contact with an outpost out in the Shadowfell. The guard who gives them this tip has a brother who is stationed at this outpost. He has not received a message in some time and wants to know the fate of his brother, and if he was killed, to bring him his personal effects.

The group goes to the outpost to investigate what is going on. They arrive to find everything seems to be normal, but they have suspicions of something being wrong. They spend the night there, and upon waking, find Jeremy Walters to be missing. They confront their hosts about his disappearance while also asking for the personal effects of the family member. Knowing their ruse is up, the false guards at the outpost attack our party, summoning a zombified Jeremy Walters. The party manages to overcome the assault, destroying Walters in the process. They also find that one of the false guards has a Lok-Ti tattoo.

They then find a magic audio communicator that is used to talk to the leader of this cult. They trick him into thinking that they are members of the cult and glean some information from him before the leader catches on and disconnects the device. The party learns where the next attack will take place and rush out to prevent the destruction, while hoping to capture a member of the cult to learn more about their operations.



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