Lost in Shadow

Purify the Temple

The party resumes their search for the artifacts Sir Oakley needs to cleanse the temple. They find the last one in the ruined garrison near the village, and return to the summit to begin the ritual. However, Sir Oakley is blocked by a strong, dark presence from below the temple. He sends the party down to destroy what evil lurks below so he may complete the ritual.

The catacombs below are full to bursting with undead, some disguised in human forms, other little more than shambling skeletons. The party slowly but surely makes its way to the source of darkness, an evil cleric named Vadin. Vadin is stark raving mad, apparently a condition of a plague he has contracted. During the battle, Lucyan is similarly infected with the abyssal plague, finding his strength slowly draining away.

With Vadin killed, Turos appears again to Adrian, explaining more of his situation. Vadin was a priest of the Elder Elemental Eye, a cult trying to revive a dead god. They have been capturing souls needed for the ritual, Turos being one of these victims. However, someone else has loosened the bonds on his prison, saying they wish to stop the cult from succeeding. Turos’ soul can only communicate with those he knew deeply, which is why the rest of the party cannot see him. He says the party should return to Gloomwrought where a messenger will be waiting to help further.

The group returns to the temple to help Sir Oakley complete his ritual. The remaining evil energy still infesting the area rises up in a final attempt to stop him, but they successfully drive it back, purifying the temple. As a reward for his loyal service and devout behavior, Luycan is visited by an Avatar of Etheah, who rewards him with a new holy weapon.



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