Lost in Shadow

The Swamp Tower

The group hurry off to the next target of the Necromancers, a small outpost near a swamp. However, they arrive too late to help. Everyone in the tower had already been killed. Upon further investigation, they find out that the guards had been killed by three necromancers leading a pack of wraiths. They had been looking for something; some gems stored in a chest upstairs. However, their motives are still unknown.

Upon discovering this information, the party is attacked by wraiths and zombies left behind to deal with prying eyes. Once slain, the party resumes their investigation.

Outside the tower, they find the tracks of the of the Necromancers leading deeper into the swamp. The party slogs through the swamp, dispatching a few bog hags along the way, before they reach the Necromancer’s camp.

At the camp, they find the Necromancers are attempting to open a portal. Another fight ensues, with our group victorious. They search the camp for any clues, and only manage to find the gems stolen. Swain can tell they are full of fey energy, but their purpose remains unknown.

Now our group is faced with a portal to an unknown destination and a decision to make.



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