Lost in Shadow

The Garden of Graves Finale

The party finally finds the center of the Garden, guarded by The Ivy Heart. A climactic and brutal battle ensues as they struggle to bring the beast down. With the guardian destroyed, they find the strange Fey Engine preventing their return home. Adrian is visited by a vision of her husband, Turos, that only she can see. He implores her to destroy the machine quickly and she obliges.

With the machine destroyed, Swain attempts to discover it’s true purpose. However, all he can discern is that it was a method of channeling energy, but the goal still remains unknown. They recover a few gems from the machine, similar to what was stolen from the swamp outpost, that were key in the machines function.

With their only lead gone cold, they return to the City of Midnight to begin a new investigation. However, they first find a priest of Pelor, Kalus Sunbearer, under attack by Ghost Talon thugs. They rush to his aid and defeat the attackers handily. Adrian escorts Kalus back to his temple and Swain finds a strange encoded scroll on the body of a dead Pelor priest.

The von Graff brothers head to Raven’s Eyrie for their goddess, and Lucyan returns the bodies to the church of Pelor for interment.



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