Lost in Shadow

The Watchtower

Lucyan regrouped with his friends in Winterhaven, introducing them to Analastra and explaining the deal he made with the fey. The party returns to the Abbey and investigate the Watchtower for Analastra. Using one of the cards from the Deck, they are able to create a door in the side of the smooth stone tower

Once inside, they find themselves trapped in a horrific place. The first floor finds them in a room with oozing walls and black goo attacking them. Pushing through, they find themselves in a tall, narrow shaft with globules of black goo floating slowly upward. Touching one of these globes sucks the person inside as the goo seeps inside, filling the throats and stomachs of the party, attacking their sanity.

The next floor finds them stranded in a shallow ocean of more black goo. It extends as far as the eye can see in every direction, seemingly endless. However, Lucyan is able to detect a slight current, and they follow that to another door. Entering this door leads them to another goo ocean, this time with hundreds of doors in the sky. Out of each of these doors stretches a tentacle, attempting to draw the party into the abyss. Wolfram is grabbed first, but manages to break his way free at the last second.

However, the tentacle leaves it’s mark. The skin and flesh on Wolfram’s head melts away, leaving him a bony skull atop his body. Finding himself otherwise unhurt, the party rushes forward, hoping to find an escape from the madness before they all succumb.

At the top of the tower, they find the source of the Far Realm intrusion. A beholder waits for them, ready to destroy any who enter. The fight is long and bloody, Wolfram and Lucyan managing to slowly slice away the eye stalks on the Beholder. The Beholder responds with a deadly ray of it’s own, slaying Lucyan outright. Galvanized at the death of their friend, the party rallies and destroys the Beholder. Wolfram beseeches his god to revive Adrain, saving him once again from eternity.

As the world around them returns to normal, they find three more cards from the Deck and add them to their current two. Analastra finds the corpse of her father in the remains here along with two knights. It appears that he died fighting in the climactic battle years ago when the Deck was last used.



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