Shadar-kai Avenger

Description: Pale-grey skinned. 5’10” Tall. Clothed in black cloth armor. Head shaved. Skin ritually scarred. Lok-Ti clan tattoo. Wields a spiked chain.

Deity: Etheah (Sehanine) – Elven Goddess of the Moon. Hates undead. Shadows, etc.

High Concept: Devout Avenger of Etheah
Trouble: Traitor to his Queen
Background: Nobody calls me a chicken!
Rising Conflict: Penitent


Story: Lucyan was raised in a Shadar-Kai warrior clan in the Shadowfell called the Lok-Ti. They embraced the excesses of Shadar-Kai society, their extreme pride leading them to great, if fool-hardy and feats. The Lok-Ti loved and worshipped the Raven Queen, none more so than Baden, the leader of the Lok-Ti, but She is a cold and distant mistress. When Baden found his love to be unrequited, he scorned the Raven Queen, holding his clan back during the War of the Usurper. When Sehanine sacrificed herself to save the Raven Queen, Lucyan was so overcome with guilt at not being at the Raven Queen’s side that he swore an oath to serve Sehanine’s successor in penance, forsaking his clan. The infamous Lok-Ti pride has proven somewhat more difficult to shed, however.


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