Father Wolfram


Human Warpriest

Diety: Raven Queen

High Concept: “Suffer not the witch to live.”
Wolfram is a War Priest and Knight Hospitaler of the Raven Queen, as well as a veteran of her wars. He considers it his divinely-appointed duty to root out all sources of profane necromancy, withcraft, and infernal magic. Should Wolfram encounter a practioner of the dark arts, he is ruthless in ensuring their destruction.

Trouble: “Tristissimus hominum.”
Wolfram is the gloomiest of men. Although proficient in war and educated, Wolfram has never aspired to lead; only his competencies as a strategic thinker have placed him at the head of armies. His sullen nature, brought on by witnessing the plummeting fortunes of his house and the death of his brothers in arms, limits his ability to fulfill his purpose.

Background: “The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son.”
Wolfram is deeply resentful of his father’s legacy, and strives to wash away the stain he left on von Graff honor.

Wolfram is the first son of House von Graff, a small but influential noble family in the Kingdom of Altmark. His father, Count Hector von Graff, was a court favorite and friend to the Prince. While his father still held sway at court, the von Graff family was enormously successful. Unfortunately, Hector was implicated in a scandal with the Prince’s mistress (the details of which were never fully revealed), and was summarily dismissed. The van Graffs were instantly disgraced, and Hector took his family back to his ancestral lands where he eventually turned to drinking and whoring.

Ashamed of his father’s behavior, and determined to restore honor to the von Graff name, Wolfram left his father’s estate and joined his distant cousin Hermann’s line of the family. He trained and excelled in arms, eventually joining the Altmark Royal Lancers as an officer. When Orcus chose to wage war on the Raven Queen, the Kingdom of Altmark mobilized in order to capitalize on the ensuing chaos. Wolfram’s company was quickly activated and sent into the frey.

Rising Conflict: “Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori.”
Wolfram has seen a great deal of death in war, and is determined not to allow anyone under his command to suffer the same fate as his men.

Wolfram’s company, “The Raven’s Own”, quickly distinguished itself as a competent and disciplined fighting force. Under the taciturn Wolfram’s direction, the unit performed admirably in many battles. Wolfram’s ability was commended by the Prince of Altmark himself, signalling a reversal of his ailing family’s fortune.

Unfortunately, the old Prince of Altmark’s health mysteriously failed one day. His successor was not nearly as adept at warfare as the father, and appointed incompetent and inexperienced noble friends to important strategic commands. One such commander, the blustery Duke of Stendahl, was a hound for glory. He routinely dismissed the advice of Wolfram, and his army was pinned by an opposing legion of Orcus. Wolfram’s company was massacred to a man by a massive host of undead.

Wolfram himself was wounded in battle. His broken body was found beneath a dead horse by clerics of the Raven Queen, and he was taken to a monastery to recover. There he learned that Orcus was destroyed, but that the armies of Altmark had been decimated. Traumatized by the loss of his battle brothers, Wolfram turned to the Raven Queen for succor. He was accepted into the order as a Warpriest of the faith, but spent many of his days in seclusion and despair. He would later meet up and join with his half-brother, Swain, in order to avenge their murdered father.


Father Wolfram

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